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A compassionate community where grief and love, pain and beauty intersect

A compassionate community where grief and love, pain and beauty intersect


‎Since her first grief 

had brought her fully to birth 

and wakefulness in this world, an unstinting compassion 

had moved in her, like a live stream 

flowing deep underground, 

by which she knew herself 

and others 

and the world.

-Wendell Berry

About Us


Our Community

Our amazing team of regulars and part-time volunteers are committed to helping others during the longest, darkest nights of their souls. We have research and clinical interns, specially trained in traumatic grief by Dr. Joanne Cacciatore, counselor, researcher and bereaved mother, in addition to grief counselors, yoga teachers, and meditation teachers all available to meet with individuals, families and groups. 


Our History

In April of 2015, Dr. Joanne Cacciatore rescued a pack horse in the Grand Canyon from horrific torture and abuse. She named him Chemakoh. Grieving clients with whom Dr. Jo worked were deeply moved by Chemakoh and found their time with him to be ineffable- very powerful. She eventually began to research an idea: Connecting tortured, abused, and lost animals with traumatized humans in a therapeutic carefarm environment. That's when she met Dr. Rich Gorman in the U.K., who was already researching care farms. The two of them met in Sedona, Arizona and for two weeks planned the first carefarm for traumatic grief in the world. Now we have more than 40 animals rescued who live in our sanctuary!


What we do

Using an evidence-based practice model, we use restorative spaces within a therapeutic and sustainable (green) community to help individuals and families affected by traumatic grief. We have ten lush acres in northern Arizona and see traumatically bereaved men, women, children, and elders from all over the world including Cambodia, Canada, Mexico, Vietnam, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Brazil, Ghana, Liberia, Croatia, Romania, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Israel, Japan, China, Argentina, India, Jordan, and all around the U.S.  All 30 animals here have been rescued from abuse, homelessness, and torture. We are a vegan and substance-free green community of grieving people, scholars and scientists, counselors, and wholehearted volunteers. Our interns and clinicians are all trained in the ATTEND Model (Cacciatore, 2011), a mindfulness-based bereavement care program. All providers have their own commitment to practicing meditation or contemplative prayer, wakeful living, and to doing their own fully inhabited and deep grief work.  

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As a nation, I surmise that we do not grieve enough. 

And in many respects I would say 

that many of our issues that we are challenged with in society 

are a direct result of a lack of grieving.

-Dr. Bernice King


Ways We've Helped In Just Nine Months